National Roundtable on Racism

AIPA Hosts National Roundtable on Research on Racism Towards Indigenous Australians

In June 2009 40 leading researchers and academics from across Australia met at the University of Western Australia Boatshed in Perth, for a roundtable discussion focussed on research concerning racism towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.  The roundtable was the brainchild of Dr Pat Dudgeon, who saw it as one way to renew the momentum for combating racism.

The Roundtable brought together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other researchers, with the recognition that high quality research and evidence must be at the heart of efforts to understand and combat racism in all its forms.

The Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (AIPA), co-hosted the Roundtable alongside several other key organisations - the Human Rights Commission, the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association, the Telethon Institute Centre for Child Health Research, WA, the School of Indigenous Studies UWA, and the University of Notre Dame.

It is hoped the Roundtable will be an annual event.

Download the Boatshed Declaration Against Racism - Acrobat icon - small