Joanne O'Connor - Registered Psychologist. Clinical Psychologist Registrar.

Ms Joanne O'Connor

Joanne is a Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist Registrar practicing in Adelaide.  Joanne has Barkindji and Ngarrindjeri ancestry on her Mother's side, with family in the South-East of South Australia and in North-Western New South Wales.

Joanne is passionate about her work and particularly interested in the health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 - 25.  She is also interested in forensic mental health and the nexus between health, correctional and judicial systems.

Areas of Interest:

Child and Adolescent mental health, child protection, cross-cultural practice.

Significant Publications

O’Connor, J., Chur-Hansen, A., & Turnbull, D. (2015).  Professional Skills and Personal Characteristics for Psychologists Working in an Urban Australian Context With Indigenous Clients. Australian Psychologist 50(6), pp. 464-474.