AIPA has trained one thousand mental health practitioners

18 Oct 2013

A milestone for AIPA

There is no mainstream equivalent to Indigenous concepts of social and emotional wellbeing and this has served as a barrier to the delivery of culturally competent mental health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In 2010 members of AIPA collectively pooled their cultural and professional expertise to develop a workshop to overcome this barrier.

In October AIPA delivered cultural competence training to its one thousandth participant.

The workshop aims to provide mental health practitioners with the cultural competence they require to deliver mental health services within a social & emotional wellbeing framework when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

AIPA has now delivered 78 cultural competence workshops to 1109 non-Indigenous mental health practitioners (July 2010 - Oct 2013).

Evaluation outcomes show the workshop has been successful in achieving its aims.

92% of those who have attended a workshop have rated it as excellent (64%) or very good (28%) and 99% (more than a thousand!) would recommend it to others.

All participants have reported gains in their ability to practice within a social and emotional wellbeing framework and to accommodate the historical and social determinants when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.  This includes recognizing and working with risk and protective factors found within Indigenous-specific domains of social and emotional wellbeing.

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